Hobo's suggestions

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Hobo's suggestions

Post by Hobo on Sun Feb 19, 2017 12:07 am

These are my suggestions so far, ill keep this post updated if i can come up with something new.

Item prices
It is decent to earn money from killing but the prices of items in shop is way to high.
Items in Pet Tamer and in [Cash Shop] Peach need to get cheaper

Add more items to[Cash Shop] Peach
-Enhanced Party Skill Range 30
-Scroll of Party EXP (15 days)
-Scroll of Party Skill (15 days)

-Coral Island Ticket (7 day)
-Traseia Ticket (1 day)
-Eprisa Ticket (7 day)
-Eprisa Ticket (15 day)

Add more items to[Vote/Farm Chip Shop] Marche
-Exp Stop Scroll
-Special Female and Male fashion with custom stats
-Special Cs pets with custom stats
-Special masks with custom stats

Add more items to Pet Tamer
-Pet Medicine(A)
-Pet Medicine(B)

Add Fashion Style On/off
It could be nice feature for the server, some people dont like to show the mask / cloak or fashion they are using.

√: You will see the fashion set
□: You will see the Armor Set and the Fashion is invisible

https ://goo.gl/CtoBf3

Option for players to make lord events
Could add option for players to make lord events because staff wont be around all the time, people have different timezone so some people wont be getting any lord events

Afk title behind name
Its nice that it set us afk but it set us afk way to fast. I will stand less than 5 min without moving and theres already afk behind my name + the [SYSTEM]: I'm Afk! in private message while im active in game and talking with others, just not moving

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Re: Hobo's suggestions

Post by Meta on Wed Mar 15, 2017 1:26 pm

Gonna hijack this post.

Please make vote items in vote shop npc cheaper like Scrolls, etc. especially the unbinding and model removal (30 votes each is just too much for this important items while we can only vote 6 times a day per IP).


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