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Event Gm Application

Post by Gavrilson on Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:39 am

Name: Gavrila Leonardo Mihai
IGN: Gavrilson[not created yet]
Hobbies: Art, Architecture, Science, 'Gaming'
Occupation: Student
Age: 16
Nationality: Romania
Country[Living in now]: England
Online: 24/7
Contact: Leo Gavrila(Facebook) / Ivan.sama6(Skype) / Gavrilson#8538(Discord)

Why do i want to become GM?
- I am determined to be a GM because i want to help the respective Flyff Server, not only to be part of the staff but to show them that I'm capable
 of making a difference. I have personal ideas on how to entertain people, not old and boring events. Doing several adverts on different pages etc. in order
 to attract more players. I come up with ideas for the patches/updates, these might not trigger the Developer/Owner into adding them but gives them an image
 on how it would be like.
- Have fun with everyone, respecting rules and what is required in order to make justice. I respect the higher ranks and I will be looking forward into
 making effort and improvements if i have done something wrong. Also i will try to avoid any disrespect for the Server coming from anyone.
- I take responsibility for my actions and i do not blame something very silly so it does not look stupid upon me.
- If there are issues with the Server, for instance host must be paid. I will try to donate very little(£10-£20) to keep it 'alive'.
- I can donate £5 each month, when i can of course not all the time, i know it does not seem much but at least giving myself in for this!

A little about me:
I enjoy playing as much as painting and drawing since i love Art, at the moment I'm studying, to be more specific I'm at my last Year in High School
followed by going to College where i can forward my studies into becoming an Architect which is my biggest goal. I follow orders and i love to have
everything sorted out, organised etc. I am very responsible for my actions, I do not blame others and try to be fair with everyone.
I am free at all times, you can ask me any questions. I love taking over challenges that come in my life as i have to resolve them, since its a puzzle
to my life which has to be completed.

I have been at the first release of the Flyff Server but due to technical issues for my pc i was not able to play, also a lot of work that i have to do since i must finish
my last year at school, then I go to college. I know this seems a silly excuse but if there is a way i can prove it, please contact me!

One more last thing, i saw that i do not meet the requirements for the age, but i believe that i can make a change!


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