Running for EVENT GM HEHE

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Running for EVENT GM HEHE

Post by Meta on Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:17 pm

1.What is your name?

     My name is Axl Tongco.

2.What is your in-game name? (If you got more than one character, add all of them)



     Character Alts:


3.How long have you been playing this server for and do you have any experience being Event GM before?

      I forgot when did I start. Maybe first week of March?

4.What is your timezone and country, how often can you be online?

       UTC +8, 10+ hrs online per day.
5.Tell us something about yourself.


       Old enough to play this game.
       Still a student.
       Talking about personality, If you're good to me then I'll be good to you but If you're being an asshole to me then I'll be your ticket to hell.

6.Can you be trusted and are you strict (Wont give items out, wont punish people without a reason).

        About being trusted, I am more of a "Try me and I'll never disappoint you" person.
        About being strict, Yes I am strict when it comes to following rules and regulations (idk. maybe because I was once a C.A.T officer).
        About giving items out, Yes I am not bias to others (not the right answer I think but just trust me  Razz  )
        About punishing without a reason, I already said it on my personality  Evil or Very Mad

7.Tell us why you want to be Event GM on this server.

       This server is so good that I want to help it to be great by being an Event GM as long as I can.

8.Do you want to tell us anything else about yourself?

       For any newcomers on this server and read this application thread of mine. IF I BECAME AN EVENT GM AND YOU KEEP BEGGING FOR ITEMS, PREPARE TO READ AN F-BOMB ON YOUR CHAT.

Robot pls.
Geraldine / ATTENTION pls.
MrCoconut pls.

HIRE ME  lol!


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