Some Suggestions by Meta

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Some Suggestions by Meta

Post by Meta on Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:16 pm

Not a perfect suggestion but Im sure there's one suggestion here that you will like.

- Vote Shop (Website) -

• Increase the number of VP coins that we can get per click.


• Can't find 1hr event reward roulette.
• Items should be tradable.


• It is like an event reward roulette but you will have it every hour that you online
(ex. 5 coins for being online of 5 straight hours).


* Items that you can buy using event reward coin.*

• CUSTOM FASHIONS (set , cloak , mask , wingmask, etc...)


• Add TRANSY A / B
• Add Scroll of Change Element
• Scroll of Weapon Glow Change
• Lower vp price of Remodel and Unbinding Scroll


• Add Diamonds, Emeralds, etc.
• Add Element cards
• Full Shout and Enhanced Party Skill Range should be 30 days.
• Scroll of Party Exp and Scroll of Party Skill should be 15 days (30days if can).
• Add Scroll of Resurrection
• Add Concoction of Profuse Bleeding (ICD + 10%), Elixir of Evasion (Parry + 5)
• Add Eprisa Ticket (7days / 15 days).

- Boboku NPC -

• Add level 120 / Bloody Weapon (If Diamonds, etc. will not be added)

- [Cloak and Mask] Anne / [ Farm Chip Exchanger] Dwayne / [ Red Chips Exchanger ] Leigh -

 *Add the ff. cloaks with reasonable price*

• Black Destruction Dragon Cloak
• Black Lightspeed Dragon Cloak
• Black Glorious Dragon Cloak
• Destruction Dragon Cloak
• Lightspeed Dragon Cloak
• Almighty Dragon Cloak
• Tank Cloak
• Attack Cloak
• PVP Cloak
• Cloak of Cloak
• Crit Cloak

- Pet Tamer -

*Lower the price of: *

      • Blessing of Pet Tamer
      • Chance of Pet Tamer
      • Scroll of Blessing (pick up pet)

• Add Scroll of Pet Name Change

- Guild NPC -

• Add this NPC

- Guild Siege -

• Bring back the original red chip rewards.
(one of the main reason that many siegers / players were bored)

* To lessen rc farming  *

      • Must be level 150 to be able to put in lineup list
      • Must have Siege points to get the guild reward
      • Must be inside Siege (even with no points) to get the guild reward

- Nerf / Buff -

• Templar's reflect damage were lower than it supposed to be. (ex. w/ Ulti tank set + 20 and Pain Reflection, An Asal of 900k but it only reflects 150k)
• Lower the Reflect% of Mentalist buff (Crucio). *for cs and slayer buff?*
• Lower the dmg of Asal
• No shield for Harle?
• Lower cooldown for Seraph shield skill buff?

- Additional -

• Bring back OLD ARENA
• Action slot when used and doesnt have activition, you will crash sometimes.
• Donate bead says 14days but it only has 7days effect.
• More Custom Fashion ofc. HAHAHA


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